Dyslexia friendly books

Today I received an email from a parent saying that my books had been recommended to her for her 12 year old daughter who has dyslexia. She asked if my books were available as audio as her daughter particularly enjoys listening to stories.

After two failed attempts at sending a replying email I thought I would answer here, in the hopes that she will revisit the site and read it!

It’s so great that my books are being suggested for readers with dyslexia (my day job is Special Needs Coordinator in a local school so this is a subject that I am passionate about). Unfortunately, none of my books are out on audio (I would love it if they were!).

Other authors that your daughter might enjoy are Sarah Lean (particularly A Dog called Homeless) and Lara Williamson (particularly A Boy Called Hope). Also, an absolutely fabulous book and one of my favourites of recent years is Wonder by R.J Palacio. All of these are available as audio and are truly amazing books, appropriate for her age range but thought-provoking and beautiful.

Best wishes and happy reading!