Dandelion Clocks

Dandelion Clocks out 6th March, published by PuffinLiv takes us on a journey through her life from “Thirteen Weeks Before” to “Six Months After”. We discover Liv’s passion for photography, her brother’s obsession with sticking to the rules, the stupidity of Moronic Louise at school, and how the family copes as Mum’s terminal illness takes hold . . . Guided by Mum’s own childhood diaries, Liv finds a new way to live.

This book is real, funny, utterly touching and absolutely heartwarming. Despite the sadness at the heart of the story, every reader will laugh and keep on turning the pages, charmed by Liv and her mum.

‘A brilliantly told, ultra modern story about a significant six months in eleven year old Olivia’s life – it should be sold with a large box of tissues!’ Jacqueline Wilson

 You can read the first few chapters over on the Guardian website by clicking here: images


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