Violet Ink

Violet Ink by Rebecca Westcott, author of Dandelion Clocks, is a beautiful and brilliant story of two sisters, which fans of Cathy Cassidy and Jacqueline Wilson will love. Quiet, contemplative Izzy has always adored her charismatic, confident older sister, Alex. But when Alex starts going out with a new boyfriend, she becomes first giggly, then withdrawn, and finally runs away. Izzy fears their special sisterly bond has been broken. When Alex returns, she is not alone. Will the new addition to the family be forever in the way or can the sisters rebuild their relationship?



A beautiful and brilliant story of the endearing love and friendship of two sisters, which fans of Cathy Cassidy and Jacqueline Wilson will love…This is a beautifully written and highly accomplished novel from the author of Dandelion Clocks. Lovereading4kids

Violet Ink gives its reader an open and frank insight into the mind of a teenage girl and all the complications she faces. It is refreshing to see how Izzy learns to deal with these problems, with the help of her sister, mother and friends, but increasingly also becoming more independent. An engaging read that shows the importance of family, and the many shapes and forms it can come in. Booktrust

What happens to sisters when boyfriends come along? An age-old crisis; a lovely tale of loss and hope by this great new rival to Cathy Cassidy. All your life, your sister is the closest person to you. Then romance comes along. Quiet, thoughtful Izzy has always idolised her charismatic big sister, Alex. But when Alex finds a boyfriend, Izzy isn’t sure she can trust her sister anymore. Letters from Alex, written in her quirky purple pen, keep their relationship alive… The Dandelion Clocks author is softly but steadily making a big impact. This is as delicate as thistledown, with chapters named for colours. How can you not fall in love? Scholastic UK

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    Violet Ink is my absolute favourite of all of your books!!! Izzy has lots of the same hobbies as me!!!

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