Five Things They Never Told Me


FIVE_THINGS_THEY_NEV#50B4D8Five Things They Never Told Me is story to be felt and not forgotten, from Rebecca Westcott, author of Dandelion Clocks and Violet Ink . It’s a glorious summer and Erin and Martha are both stuck at Oak Hill Home for the Elderly. Misunderstood and feeling ignored, they are equally frustrated by the situation. But as Erin learns to listen to Martha, she discovers some very important lessons about making her own voice heard.

Love Dandelion Clocks? Grab a refuel of charm, wit and wisdom. Youth and old age: Erin and Martha. Can they ever connect? Imagine: it’s a glorious summer. Where are you? At the beach or shopping with your buddies? Lucky you. Erin is at Oak Hill Home for the Elderly. Furious at being forced to help out. Why don’t her friends and family care how she feels? Martha is even angrier. She hates being stuck in the home. And she can’t even make herself understood. But as Erin learns to listen to Martha, she slowly begins to make her own voice heard… An extra-big love heart for Rebecca’s latest: a book that says ‘express yourself’ (wisely). Well done if you get through it without a little blub. Scholastic UK

Rebecca Westcott’s Five Things They Never Told Me is a moving story about life and loss set in a nursing home. 2015 In Books, The Irish Times.

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